Environmental Protection Policy


SPEAR TRANSLATION (hereinafter as “Spear) fully endorses and embraces a policy under which safety and the protection of the environment are foremost and has formulated an Environmental Protection Statement that governs this area of its business.

Spear’s Core Value of Community Responsibility as regards environmental concern is communicated to all employees through the induction program for new employees. A management system, comprising committees at various levels with members from senior management to functional specialists at Spear, is in place to steer the direction of environmental protection policies and initiatives; and to support the implementation.

In recent years, climate change has taken crucial stage in the environmental arena and in the industry. While we are a document-intensive linguistic company, we have a series of measures to ensure all our daily operations commits with the policies listed hereinafter.


Environmental Protection Policies

Being as a responsible translation company, our commitment to safety, security, and environmental protection is an initiative throughout our supply chain. The company offers an extensive network of linguistic services which encourage the use of printing paper, ink and letters, hence we are having a set of strict guidelines and procedures for paper handling.

In both headquarters and regions, senior managers are assigned the role of environmental protection officers. A set of procedures is also in place to control and manage the recycling procedures and all these comply with all international and HKSAR regulatory requirements and standards.

In addition, Spear makes extensive use of electronic communications in conducting its business, thus assisting in the conservation of natural resources. All employees are encouraged to recycle paper and to use the least amounts of natural resources, i.e. energy, water, paper, etc. SPEAR TRANSLATION is also a pioneer in the field of e-commerce thereby encouraging the advent of “paperless” trade and business. Additionally, Spear enforces a smoke-free office policy in all its workplaces. During the process of vendor and supplier selection, environmental issues are major considerations. Spear only works with suppliers that employs environmentally-friendly policies.

Spear’s achievements, in many aspects, have already greatly exceeded legal requirements and general industry standards in the countries in which and to which it operates. However, as a responsible and committed member of the international community, SPEAR TRANSLATION strives continually for further improvement in all aspects of its business.