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Online Service System - Spear Translation
The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! For the past few months, our team has been working to develop our new and sophisticated online system. This online service portal will allow you to access to our professional services globally without any restrictions. Global Accessibility For most of the time our customers need to get our quotation printed and signed back before the translation starts. This back-and-forth procedure may be a little difficult when they are on a b...

​G7 agree ‘in principle’ to add Chinese currency to IMF basket

The finance ministers of G7 have supported the inclusion of the yuan in the IMF currency basket. The decision means the yuan has gained international recognition after Beijing was accused of artificially curbing the exchange rate for more than ten years. "We were completely agreed that it is desirable in principle, that the technical conditions must be examined, but there are no politically divergent views on this," Schaeuble said adding that there still are technical and other issues to be c...

China, EU connect to promote digital Silk Road

Digital Silk Road
The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) aims to play a role in promoting the digital and cyber Silk Road, China's top Internet regulator Lu Wei says at the first China-EU digital cooperation roundtable held on July 6 in Brussels. Following Chinese Premier's visit to EU headquarters last Monday, Lu's visit to Brussels is the first high-level visit of a Chinese official to Brussels after the EU-China summit. "We will push forward the digitalization, information, exchange and collaborati...

Hong Kong can play a key role in China’s One belt, One road Strategy

Hong Kong Role
China's one belt, one road initiative, described by Foreign Minister Wang Yi as the focus of China's diplomacy this year, is becoming a hot topic in the international community. It has been over a year since President Xi Jinping put forward the idea to jointly build a silk road economic belt and a 21st-century maritime silk road, during his visit to Central Asia and Southeast Asia in September and October 2013. The recent unveiling of the vision and action plan by the Chinese government has a...

RMB internationalization – One Belt, One Road

RMB Internationalization
“To gradually realize the renminbi’s free convertibility” has been defined as one of the goals for the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15). During this period, with an unremitting push from the Chinese government, remarkable progress has been made in the RMB internationalization. By the end of 2014, the RMB already had become the second most-used currency for documentary credit transactions, fifth payments currency and ninth most actively traded currency globally. Also by the end of last year, China h...

China’s Regulations on Gold and Silver Imported by Foreign Experts

Foreign experts who carry gold, silver - or products made of gold or silver - should declare them to China Customs, and Customs officers are likely to approve reasonable quantities for private use. Items which are over the legal limit will be regarded as imported goods - and the owner must obtain a legal document issued by the head office of the People’s Bank of China. The owner will also be required to pay tax. Duty-free gold, silver or products made of gold or silver - and approved by...

Functions of Languages

Language, as we have seen, seems to be a highly developed form of animal signaling. But there is a missing link in rhe chain. How, and when, did we start to talk? This is a problem of interest mainly to ethologists and one which has not yet been solved. Manu linguists regard this fascinating topic as being outside the realm of linguistics proper. They  are more interested in studying actual language than in speculating about its remote origins. But although how language began is a puzzle, ...

The 4 Earliest Civilizations

The cradle of civilization refers to countries or places that saw the birth of the earliest civilization, i.e. ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon, ancient China and ancient India, sometimes ancient Greece is also included. The significance of the ancient civilization lies not in the time of their foundation but the modern civilization they bred. In other words, these places are the creation points. Scholars believe that ancient civilizations were founded near the river, because stable water supplies...

Chinese Characters – One of the four oldest writing systems in the world

Chinese characters are one of the four oldest writing systems in the world (Chinese characters, hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt, cuneiform script used by Sumerian and Mayan script), among which only Chinese characters are still currently in use. It is said in a legend that, the origin of Chinese characters is the creation of characters by Cangjie. Cangjie, a historiographer of Huangdi (The Yellow Emperor), created characters with reference to the shapes of the Sun, the Moon and the footprints of...