Certified Translation

Certified Translationcertified translation is an issuance from a chartered Translator / Translation Company to certify that:

  • The supporting document provided by an applicant can be used for particular authorities, and
  • The Translation is accurate and complete.

Chartered Translation Company means a translation company that is recognized by a particular authority and has the qualification to issue validation certification upon any supporting document translation. Spear is the only translation company in the world that is able to deliver certified translation services in over 100 countries and places.

Certified translation is generally used in:

  • Birth / Death certificate
  • Marriage / Divorce certificate
  • Academic transcripts and reference letters
  • Adoption records and applications
  • Bank statements
  • Visa applications
  • Immigration documentation
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Curriculum vitae / Resumes
  • Patents reports and documents
  • Other legal or financial documents


Some financial reports or medical reports may need a third party to testify and certify that it is well translated. In such case a certified translation service is needed as well.