3 Layer Proofreading and Editing Mechanism (3LPEM)


Developed originally and patented by Spear Translation, 3 Layer Proofreading and Editing Mechanism (3LPEM) is a quality control mechanism to ensure our translation quality aligns with client’s expectations.

The mechanism comprises 3 parts, the 1st layer be translation, the 2nd layer be proofreading and, the 3rd layer be editing, to be done by our Project Assistant (PA). During the process, QA and QC measures, sampling and inspection methods will be held.


More means Less

We are not complexing the procedures, rather we are optimizing our performance. All our translations are done by human translators, which means there would be risk of occurring errors and mistakes. The purpose of developing this QC system is to minimise the occurrence of those risks by a more detailed division of labour as well as adding more control measures on it.

We believe that 2 layers are insufficient to check all those errors, an extra layer could additionally reduce over 65% errors. Spear is investing more on its quality control measure, so that the quality of translation services we provide is the highest within the sector. Producing quality translation is our mission.

MORE control on quality, LESS errors will then occur.