Website Translation and Localization

A Website is not just a tool for marketing, it is a place where you build connections with your potential customers.


The emergence of Internet has allowed businesses to break through the geographical barriers and become accessible to potential customers anywhere in the world. In 2015, the revenue generated from website e-commerce has reached over 2 Trillion solely in North America, giving more confidence to businesses to invest more on their website.


A Website is More Than Itself

A website is not just a tool for marketing your products and services, it is also a medium to present your brand image. As website is the first place to give impressions and information about your business to your potential clients, the more informative the page is, the longer the time your potential customers stay on your website, and higher sales convergence rate will be.

Some multinational corporates even use their website as a press release channel to retain relationship with existing users, journalists and their own staff.


Website as Your Outlet

Researches found out that over 88% online users will search on the Internet for more information when they are new to a product or a brand, that’s why more and more businesses are investing on their websites.

Deemed as outlet of brands, website optimisation is often incorporated into companies’ major online marketing campaign. By using appropriate tactics brand exposure could be easily leveraged. Apart from giving out exceptional user experience, a persuasive and professional writings should be adopted to help clients understand your business.


Translating and Localizing a Website

Website Translation is not just a word-to-word convergence of one language to another language, it is a way to reduce the cultural misinterpretation between source and target languages, so that words are more readable and marketable to your target customers, ultimately close sales for you.


At Spear, only native translators are assigned for your website translation job, this ensures that your product and service information:

  1. Are translated accurately;
  2. Inherits the local mind and culture;
  3. Avoid any local taboos and restrictions;


And our patented 3-layer Editing and Proofreading Mechanism will further empower us with a dedicated project coordinator + 1 extra editor:

  1. You will receive works that are in appropriate style and tone;
  2. It will be ready-to-use, that helps eliminate start-up cost and lag time;
  3. High quality and consistent website translation, as translations are completed by a team of linguists.


Having over 60 in-house translators allows Spear to retain high control over our translation quality, and this is why we stand out from all our competitors.

Benefiting from our global presence and strong vendor network, you are able to have your website translated and localized into over 60 major languages, that means you are stretching to over 60 new overseas markets in a less expensive yet rapid way.

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