Translation Technology


At Spear, all translations are done by human translators. We never do machine translation, yet, computer-aided software are used for assisting our translator to complete work faster, with higher accuracy and consistency.

Nowadays a lot of translation companies are using machine translation, though the completion time can be shortened greatly but the quality is sacrificed, as quality service takes time. The reason why we insist on human translation is that, machine can only read circles, lines and words but can not read copy minds. They are not culturally reliable, especially for translation between Western and Eastern languages, as their sentences and grammar structures are never the same. In addition, languages are culturally-bounded that a slight element could affect the readability and marketability of passages, thats why machine could never replace human.

At Spear, we never sacrifice our quality for 1 or 2 days faster, because we cherish client’s reputation, as well as ours.