Linguistic Services


Brochures, Websites, Company profile, Pitch book…are all marketing materials that you need for promoting your new product. Here are a wide range of linguistic services that Spear is providing to suit your specific needs:



Offering Professional Translation Services is our core business. Empowered by our patented Quality Assurance Mechanism, you will be receiving award-winning service quality in over 150 language pairs with fast turnaround time. Know more about our translation service.

Proofreading & Editing

If you have an article already translated but not sure if the tone and grammars are appropriate, our native editors are here to serve.

Know more about the service at here.


Copywriting is the key to success in this information-booming digital age. Design, product features, service quality and marketing skills are all the elements for you to success, but good product description is the best way to present them. Your potential customers won’t take too much time on reading your long story, only a good and precise copywriting could attract them in a short time. Click in to know more about Spear’s Copywriting Service.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing (known as DTP) is exceptionally important to manufacturers and inventors. Simply putting raw words on a brochure without proper formatting won’t look appealing to your readers. With appropriate fonts and formatting, values of writing can be leveraged.

Having a DTP team in-house helps Spear to ensure the turnaround and quality of your project, click here to know more.

Certified Translation

Many governments require applicants to get their supporting documents translated and certified by a registered translation company before accepting them. Spear is a chartered translation company to over 100 governments from all over the world.

Online SEO Writings and Blogging

If you choose to market your business online, you will have to familiarise with search engines’ characteristics, so that your website could rank higher. Click here to see how we help clients to do so.