Translation Services

Spear is missioned to become your reliable translation partner. We submit job on time, as our Project Coordinators and Translation and Editing Team work 24 hours a day to ensure all translation jobs are well scheduled. Wherever you are, as long as you can access to the Internet you will be able to reach our customer service and know the job progress.

Over 25 years experience of project management together with our Quality Assurance Mechanisms ensures the quality and consistency of our translations, that’s why we have been granted numerous translation awards over the past 10 years.

Scope of Translation Services

WebsiteTranslation and LocalizationWebsite Translation

Website is not just a kind of marketing materials, it is a tool to interact with your potential customers, press and the local community

  • Translations done by native translators enables stunning product descriptions
  • Award-winning coordination service to shorten the start up time of your expansion plan.
  • QA & QC Mechanism enables the accuracy of our translations, reducing the risk of product misuse.
  • Professional and timely translations deliver greater PR value to your business in turn enhancing your brand image.


Commercial TranslationCommercial Translation

We provide translation service for all kinds of marketing materials including catalogues, brochures, leaflets, etc…to deliver marketing messages and thoughts straight to your target customers..



Legal TranslationLegal Translation

Risk-free legal translation service from Spear to secure your interests over signing contracts with overseas partners.



Medical TranslationMedical Translation

Accuracy, Consistency, Knowhow on Medical Terminologies and Industry Working Experiences is the most important elements for medical translation. Spear is awarded the world’s best quality of Medical Translation Company in 2015.



Technical TranslationTechnical Translation

Translating products specifications, user manuals, product launch news, online marketing feeds, etc is our strengths. With over 25 years of experiences in multi-language project management, Spear is able to deliver clients hassle-free technical translation services for those who wish to sell their products overseas – we can handle over 150 language pairs – helping you to achieve your business objective with our accurate and professional translation service!


Financial TranslationFinancial Translation

Never miss a chance to introduce your company to your potential investors! Get your financial reports and annual reports translated and benefit from Spear’s professional financial translation service. Our in-house DTP team can also deliver great formatting and design services for your brochures.


Magazine and Journal TranslationMagazine and Journal Translation

Spear is the official service provider to the world’s best known inflight magazines, e.g. Discover the Shop from Cathay Pacific, Emporium from Dragonaire, etc. We are also trusted by hundreds of status brands such as Chanel, Dior and Fendi to feature their elegant product descriptions on magazines from the lifestyle, business, brands, fashions and cosmetics or even luxurious sector.